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Featured Artifact From Our Collection


Early Drum

 This early drum was donated to us by Mr. Warren Hewes. It had been used by his grandfather to train horses for battle use during the Civil War. Handwritten on the drum skin on one side is a faint inscription: ‘H.S. Hewes…. from Aunt Vine 1935’.

However, careful inspection through the small port window shows a sticker from the Meacham Co. of Albany. This drum is a know Abner Stevens model. Mr. Stevens was a drum manufacturer living in Massachusetts. He sold his drums exclusively through the Meacham Co. Abner Stevens was born in 1790 and died in 1842. Therefore, this drum saw use well before the Civil War. The metal clip to tighten the snares is missing and the metal clips holding the ropes are post-Civil war replacements. 

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