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Featured Artifact From Our Collection


Vintage Christmas Ornaments

 The modern Christmas tree tradition originated in Germany, covered in fruits and berries, the familiar strings of cranberries or dried apples. Many Scandinavian and Eastern European countries made ornaments of straw.   



Crocheting had been around for many years but in the early 1900s became a popular lady’s craft.




In the mid 1800s a German company began making blown glass ornaments. In the 1880s Woolworth starting importing German blown glass ornaments and Americans went crazy.

By 1940 Corning Glass was making glass ornaments and selling them to other companies for decoration. Many of these had the inside silvered and were made for the Shiny Brite Corporation. WWII made silver too costly and so Corning started decorating clear glass balls with thin stripes of color.



After WWII, plastic ornaments became popular. The most common were those of Santa, reindeer or snowmen. Sometimes they had bits of fur added. White plastic glow-in-the-dark ornaments were made of heavier plastic and glowed blue when the lights were turned off. Most of these were made in animal shapes.Say something interesting about your business here.



By the 1960s, elves became popular with plastic faces and hands attached to felt bodies.  Other companies began producing ornaments with a scene inside.What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.

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